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Hi female bands! I don't know if many of you know me, but my name is Katie and I've been in this community for a while, thought I don't post that much. I'm a writer and I live in LA, and I recently completed a project that I hope might interest some of you.

I read and distributed my very first solo zine today at my friend Stephen van Dyck's Washington Blvd. Art Concert in LA. It was a really great experience; lots of people were there. I have a bunch of leftover zines which I'd like to try to get out to you guys, if you're interested. [recall project here.] Sadly I am charging for them ($1 + shipping, which is $1 US or $2 international.) I'm only doing this to cover printing costs, which were far higher than I expected, and it's still pretty cheap.

My zine is called Vergangenheitsbewältigung, a German word which means "struggling to come to terms with the past." It was conceived of in post-WWII Germany as a way for the country figure out how to move on after the atrocity of the Holocaust, and how Germany can continue to exist not in that tragedy's awful shadow. I'm interested in how this term applies everyday people, on the personal level, and all the writing relates to this theme in some way. Soooo, if you're so inclined, pop on over to this nifty paypal button and order yourself some Vergangenheitsbewältigung!!


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