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I'm not a grown up, I'm a musician

Accordions, Murder Ballads and a Good Cause tonight in SF

Tonight in San Francisco - support a local filmmaker, support local musicians, get a little drunk and dance yr ass off at
HEAVY ROTATION! A club for outsiders of all stripes.

El Rio (Mission @ Precita)

Performers include TrashCanPoet, Fugayzi and Rhubarb Whiskey! all proceed benefit the film Paradigm by Joie Rey Cohen. See filmartgender.com for more information.

What do folks say about Rhubarb Whiskey?
"...a blend of vaudeville, gypsy jazz and Southern-Gothic" - TwangNation.com
"...emo accordion dixieland dirge music"-
Professor Shimmy
"Rhubarb Whiskey feels like cigarettes glowing between whiskey-numb lips in the humid darkness of screened-in porches." -@tubemouse

Join us as we rock out at El Rio! Show starts at 10pm and the cover is $5

Rowdy, boozy and tender, the music of Rhubarb Whiskey arrives at the end of a long, dusty trail from the deep dark heart of the American west. Boylamayka and Emchy squeeze, strum, pluck and bang on a bevy on instruments to charm and amuse you. Drink up, and see what happens when they combine the old-time beauty of 1850's tintype drinkin' songs with the brash attitude of punk rock. Rhubarb Whiskey will be your soundtrack to intoxicated nights of the heart, the road, and the adventures you never knew you wanted.
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